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UbiBot® WS1 Pro

Wireless Environmental Monitoring 

Remote-accessible IoT sensor with WiFi, mobile data and LCD screen


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WiFi and mobile data connectivity for easy access anywhere in the world 

The UbiBot® WS1 Pro is a state-of-the-art environmental monitoring system that leverages the latest IoT technologies. Collect data in real-time anywhere in the world using the built in mobile data and WiFi. All your data is automatically synced to the UbiBot® IoT Platform, and you can access your device in real-time via our App or using a browser.

Pro schematic diagram

*Depending on the specific model purchased.

Super Clear LCD Screen

The WS1 Pro has a bright and clear 4.4 inch LCD screen. This displays the current environmental conditions and shows you any alerts and notifications in real-time.

Pro detailed drawing


Weight:143 ± 3g (without batteries)
Screen:4.4" LCD with backlight
Power Source:
4 x AA batteries or Micro USB (5V/2A)
Battery Life:
8-12 months (WiFi only); 1-2 months (WiFi and SIM) ①
On-board memory:
300,000 sensing records
Ports:2 x Micro USB
External probe:Supports DS18B20 temperature , TH30S-B temperature and humidity, PT-100 temperature, soil & moisture probe (optional extras)
Sensing Range:Temperature: -20℃ to 60℃, Humidity: 10% to 90%⚠️, Ambient light: 0.01 to 83K lux
Accuracy:Temperature: ±0.3℃, Humidity: ±3% RH, Ambient light: ±2% ②
Network:Supports WiFi, GPRS / 3G / 4G*
WiFi:Requires 2.4GHz (802.11 b/g/n), channels 1-13 network. (5GHz WiFi is NOT supported)
WiFi Security:
Supports OPEN, WEP, or WPA/WPA2 types. WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x/RADIUS authentication) is NOT supported.
WiFi Channel Width:
Supports 20MHz or "Auto" setting
GSM Band*:
3G Band*:
LTE Band*:
LTE FDD (B1/B3/B5/B8);LTE TDD(B34/B38/B39/B40 /B41);WCDMA (B1/B8);TD-SCDMA (B34/B39)

Device Setting: the minimum device sync interval (upload) is 1 minute, and minimum sensing interval is 1 minute (Temperature, Humidity, Light, External Probe and Battery Voltage).

Alert Types: supports APP push notifications, email, SMS text, phone call alerts and audible alerts. Alerts can be set on numeric-based sensor readings and network status (e.g. when connection is lost or batteries are low). All alerts are sent from the UbiBot® Cloud.

① The quoted battery life was tested using VARTA industrial batteries under stable signal conditions with default synchronisation and sampling settings. For more details, please click here.
② The sensor precision might fluctuate slightly in actual usage because of environment condition, deployed position, etc. See user guide for detailed parameters.
⚠️The device is not waterproof. For outdoor use or indoor environment with constant 90% or higher humidity, please use a waterproof case and connect the external probe.

Probe Connection Diagram

The WS1 Pro device has two on-board USB ports, of which the lower one supports RS485 interface probes, such as TH30S-B, Soil Sensor, PT-100. While, only one of each type can be connected at a time. It supports two DS18B20 probes that can be connected simultaneously by using the USB splitter.

WS1 Pro Probe Connections

Compare UbiBot® smart sensor devices

UbiBot® now has three versions of the smart sensor for temperature and humidity monitoring. All of them are built on the same underlying IoT technology and integrated with Swiss sensors. Each generation has its own features especially designed to fit in different demands of users.

UbiBot® NetworkBuilt-in Sensors Battery Life ① ScreenAudio Notification External Ports

WS1WiFiTemperature sensor, Humidity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Vibration index sensor 2 x AA batteries last up to 4-6 monthsNoBeeps USB1 (charging / DS18B20 temperature probe)
WS1 Pro
WiFi / Mobile Data* Temperature sensor,
Humidity sensor, Ambient light 
4 x AA batteries
8-12 months (WiFi only) /
3-6 weeks (sync via SIM)
4.4'' LCD screen with backlightVoice guidance USB1 (charging / DS18B20 temperature probe) USB2 (charging / DS18B20 temperature probe / RS485 interface*)
GS1WiFi / Mobile Data */ RJ45 Ethernet cable Temperature sensor, Humidity sensor, Ambient light*2900 mAh lithium battery
4-6 months (WiFi only) / 3-6 weeks (sync via SIM)/ 3-5 days (GS1-AETH1RS)
4'' LCD screen with backlightVoice guidance Type-C (power supply, RS485 external probe*, external audible alarm*)

*Depending on the specific model. ① The quoted battery life was tested using VARTA industrial batteries under stable signal conditions with default synchronisation and sampling settings. For more details, please click here.

A Feature Packed IoT Sensor

WS1 Pro

Accurate Measurements

World leading industrial grade Swiss sensors provide accurate measurements and great performance time after time.

Elegant Design

Sleek enough to blend into any room, yet beautiful enough to be the centre of attention.

Smart Alerts

Receive alerts whenever any readings go outside your defined range. Via SMS, E-mail and more.

Clear User-friendly Screen

The 4.4" screen allows you to quickly see the temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), ambient light and humidity.

Easy to Use

Quick and easy setup in just 3 minutes. Automatically syncs data with WiFi or mobile data. Accessible with our App, from anywhere.

Remote Measurements

The two Micro USB ports allow you to add even more features to your device with external probes.

International Certificates

UbiBot® devices have received multiple certifications, including RCM (AS/NZS), RoHS, CE, FCC and IC/ISED. We also comply with all relevant standards for GSM and WiFi devices. Compliance with these regulations enables UbiBot ® devices to be sold in many major markets including Australia and New Zealand.

RCM AS/NZS certificate


RoHS certificate


CE certificate


FCC certificate


IS/ISED certificate


Unlimited Applications

With its wireless monitoring capabilities and online access to the data, our multi-sensor WS1 Pro has been used in numerous industries, including intelligent agriculture, inventory management, pharmaceutical storage and server room monitoring. Get peace of mind with a simple 3 minute setup.

Gallery and Museum Monitoring – Historic Silk Textiles

Historic silk textiles are extremely precious and need to be carefully preserved. The slightest change in temperature or humidity could damage them. Museum curators can use the WS1 Pro to monitor the environment remotely and will receive an alert if conditions ever change.

Industrial Monitoring - Wine Cellar

Wine is best kept at 50-70% relative humidity and needs a consistent cool temperature. By installing UbiBot® WS1 sensors in your wine cellar you are assured that you will be notified of any deviation from the ideal conditions.

24/7 Continuous Temperature Sensing and Real-time Alerts

Extremely hot conditions will cause servers breakdown which brings costly damage. Use the WS1 Pro to keep an eye on the conditions in your server room. The cloud based IoT platform lets you view the latest data at your office by using the App or any browser.

Pharmaceutical Monitoring – Pharmacy

Environmental conditions are critical when storing medications. UbiBot® gives you round the clock monitoring of storage conditions to ensure quality and safety.

Agriculture Monitoring – Horticulture

Real-time monitoring is vital in intelligent agriculture and horticulture. UbiBot® gives you confidence that your plants are thriving by providing wireless real-time temperature, humidity and light data. The system supports free alerts via App notifications, email, and IFTTT. Voice call and SMS texts alerts are also supported.

Gallery and Museum Monitoring – Arts

The UbiBot® WS1 gives museum curators and gallery owners peace of mind by providing real-time visibility of environmental conditions and configurable alerts when conditions go outside safe bounds.