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External CO2 Probe

Knowing the indoor air quality with this CO2 external probe

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    Main Features
    • Compatible with Ubibot GS1 devices
    • Readings can be displayed on the GS1 screen
    • Remote access via the app or web console
    • Multiple modes of alert notify you when the readings going over the normal range

    Technical specifications

    Measuring range 0~10000 ppm
    Accuracy CO2: (30 ppm + 3%) Accuracy (max) 0.1 ppm
    Connector 3.5 mm audio plug
    Output interface RS485
    Communication protocol Modbus

    Physical specifications

    Material ABS
    Dimensions 65*46*29 mm
    Cable length 3 meters
    Working voltage DC 5-12 V
    Standby current ≤20 mA

    This probe is Ubibot self-developed Carbon Dioxide Probe. With industrial sensor, it can measure CO2 in a range of 0-10000 ppm, with accuracy of ±10% .

    In many scenarios, CO2 plays an negative role, such as home, greenhouse, lab, etc. To prevent CO2 from harming our health, the grow of our plants, or the indoor air quality of the lab, you will can use this probe to notify you when the set threshold is crossed.

    GS1 Device
    As an accessory of our GS1 device, it needs connection to the GS1 series of devices, such as GS1-AL4G1RS, GS1-AETH1RS, etc. With this probe, you don't need to keep watching the readings all the time. All the data can be stored on our platform and accessed from our App and the web console. The custom alerts will notify you of sudden changes or extreme conditions via app notifications, e-mails, SMS texts, voice call, IFTTT and more. 

    By integrating with our GS1 devices, the other platform features will also be accessible to the CO2 data. Our platform works with IFTTT (if this then that), which supports automation with your other electronic appliances, such as fans and ventilation systems.

    Free data export, long term storage, data forwarding, are all accessible to the CO2 data.

    Cable Length
    ConnectorAudio plug
    Power Supply RangeDC 5 V to 12 V
    Monitoring Range0~10000ppm
    Accuracy± (30ppm + 3%)
    Resolution 0.1ppm
    Size of the Probe 65*46*29mm
    Baud Rate 1200 bit/s,2400 bit/s, 4800 bit/s, 9600 bit/s, 19200 bit/s(optional)
    Communication Protocol MODBUS RTU
    Output Interface RS485
    Communication Address 0xC7