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Soil Temperature and Moisture Sensor

Paired with WS1 Pro and GS1, it offers you the soil conditions on the app

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    Main Features
    • Works in extreme conditions
    • Durable high quality material
    • Integrated sensor with transmitter
    • Two options of plug, pairs with WS1 Pro & GS1 devices
    • Direct access of sensing readings

    Technical specifications

    Temperature measuring range -40 °C~+85 °C
    Moisture measuring range 0~50%
    Accuracy <±0.4 °C; ±3%(0-50%); ±5%(>50%)
    Connector Micro USB, 3.5 mm audio plug
    Measuring theory Frequency Domain(FDR)
    Output interface RS485
    Communication protocol Modbus

    Physical specifications

    Materials PE + Stainless steel
    Steel point length 80 mm
    Cable length 3 meters
    Working voltage DC 5-12 V
    Standby current ≤20 mA

    This probe specialises in monitoring temperature and humidity of soil. Embedded with industrial-grade chip, the probe offers accurate measurement. The stainless steel probe can be inserted into the soil for a long term without being corroded. The durable cable ensures stable data transmission.

    There are two versions of the plug: Micro USB and Audio plug. The Micro USB port is suitable for our sensing device WS1 Pro and the Audio plug is designed for the GS1 device.

    The measurements are transferred to the devices, displayed on the large LCD screen and synced to the platform via network. So you can access the data instantly on the screen or remotely view them via our app or web console.

    The humidity readings on the app can be switched between Relative Humidity and Absolute Humidity. You can configure the display on the web console.

    Application Instructions
    For one time use:
    Insert the steel probe point vertically to the soil at your preferred depth. Hold the probe tightly in case of it shaking. Avoid touching stones or any other hard objects, because that will damage the probe. Please wait for about 20 minutes to allow the sensor to work properly.

    For long time burried in soil:
    Dig a hole at over 20cm-diameter on the ground or soil in your greenhouse. Insert the steel probe point in horizontal direction to the soil. Leave the probe in the soil and you can access your data remotely.

    About humidity readings:
    All soil probes have been calibrated in the factory. Calibration including data points is conducted by placing the probe in the air to reach the minimum of 0% and pure water to reach the maximum 100%. For very wet soil, the reading is expected to be around 30% depends on the soil type. Please note that when the soil is waterlogged, the reading may jump from the values of 30%-35% to 100% as it is very close to the situation of soaking the probe in the pure water.

    Kindly reminder:
    The external sensors of the WS1 Pro device are disabled by default . Please enable them in the "Settings" page on the App or the console after inserting the probe into the device. In this case, the readings from the external probe are accessbile. The button "RS485 S" refers to this soil probe. The GS1 device doesn't need this operation.

    ⚠️Warning: The probe point is very sharp. Be careful when using it and keep it away from children.

    Steel Point Length

    Length of Cable 300cm
    Material ABS
    Connector Micro USB & Audio Plug
    Power Supply Range DC 5V to 12V
    Operating Condition -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F) 0 to 100% RH
    Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
    Accuracy  ±0.5°C
    Output Interface RS485
    Communications Protocol Modbus