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UbiBot Global SIM

One station cellular network solution, covers over 90 countries and regions worldwide

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    Main Features
    • Data coverage in many countries
    • Topup on UbiBot platform to get monthly/yearly traffic
    • Multiple data plan options for you to choose
    • Plug and play, no registration needed

    Ubibot Global SIM is a customised SIM card used for IoT devices.

    It's mainly designed for UbiBot series devices, such as GS1-AL4G1RS, WS1 Pro WiFi and SIM version, Smart Plug, etc. It covers almost a hundred of countries and regions around the world. To check if your local carrier is covered, please click here.

    Our SIM card also supports other IoT devices, not only Ubibot. The mobile network helps to transfer data when WiFi is not available, and you are able to receive data remotely no matter where you are in the world.

    *Please note, the price is only for the SIM card. When you receive the item, please go to our web console ( to activate it and top up for the mobile data traffic. Follow this link for more information about SIM Activation.

    SIM card format 
    Standard / Micro / Nano SIM card

    Top-up options On Ubibot platform only
    SIM validity No extra charge after a few months of arrearage